Indoor skydiving First timer

Indoor skydiving

Take advantage of endless possibilities of controlled airflow.

Limited light, reflecting glass, fast movement: Here are few of the challenges one faces when filming indoor skydiving. When these are under control, indoor skydiving offers limitless options for creativity. There are so many things no-one has done, let’s make some history, shall we!

I’ve photographed and filmed individual athletes, teams and events from small invitationals to World Cup. I know how to make flyers and tunnels look good. 

Save time and money and use professional tunnel flyer, who knows everything about shooting in and outside the tunnel:

  • Individual athletes and teams
  • First timers and other regular customers
  • Events, tunnel openings etc.
  • Commercials


Fööni // TV-Spot

TV-commercial for Fööni Helsinki. This project was created with marketing company. I was in charge of the production, filming, editing and delivering of the TV-spot.

Red Bull // Synchronized // Behind the scenes

This was a project for Red Bull. My job was to film and follow two indoor skydiving athletes. Project was filmed at UAE world’s biggest wind tunnel CLYMB Abu Dhabi (32 feet). 

Flying and choreography by Kyra Poh and Maja Kuczynska

Filmed&edit by Lauri Aapro

Assistants Christpher Patz and Carolyn Teo

Client Red Bull Music Red Bull Music - Invincible

Photoshoot for Aeronautica arena

Photoshoots start with the questions how I can help you? Then we do the plan with the client for their needs and start arranging the photoshoot day. After the photoshoot day you will have nice images to help you with your marketing.


Fööni // Phenomenal

I independently planned, filmed, and edited a compelling commercial video for my client. From conceptualization to sound design, every detail was carefully considered, resulting in a seamless fusion of vision and execution. This project reflects a commitment to excellence and creativity.

Flyers: Inka Cagnasso & Amalie Hegland Lauritzen

Voice-over: Inka Cagnasso

Text: Inka Cagnasso's referred version from Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou.

Indoor Skydiving Bottrop

This project was done with the plan of Run n' gun -style. Capture all what you can get from the event and then make the edit.

Bank Millenium

This project I was working inside the windtunnel as a camera operator.

And some random shots


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