Photographer. Filmmaker. Tunnelflyer.
Skydiver. Full time adventurer.

Producing high quality content, when ordinary just isn't enough

– Where creativity meets mobility. I'm Lauri Aapro, an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and photographer based in Finland. I have custom designed van, which allows me to bring my studio to you.

My mission is to create captivating visuals that resonate with your audience and bring your story to life. Whether it's a documentary, an interview, or a creative project, my versatile approach allows to capture moments anywhere, anytime.



I make your story come alive from beginning to an end, or just help you as a camera operator. I provide everything from aerial footage to high quality steadycam material with my own gear.



I capture your special moments when and where ever you want. I make your products, events of personal lifestyle moments look good. Specialized on extreme sports.


Post production

I offer post production services from editing, color grading and sound design to complete ad or film.


Stock footage licensing

Limited budget or timeframe? Feel free to ask stock footage for your needs. My stock includes beautiful landscapes and hours of extreme sports.

How to stand out in world full of information? Let me help You with that.

Adventures and landscapes

I'm from Finland, I know snow. I’m not afraid of heights, frost or heat. Why not to enjoy of beautiful diversity of this planet! I chill at the mountain tops for fun - check out my work!

  • Commercials and promotion (clothes, equipment, you name it)
  • Tourism advertisement
  • Landscape pictures and videos
  • Events
  • All kind of sports


boat on icy water

Branding and products

Perfect product is not enough, if nobody knows about it. I’m sure your product is flawless. But does it look like it online? There are time and place for pixelated cellphone pictures. But when you want people to buy your product, it needs to look its best. Picture or a video – or both – let’s find out which suits better to your product. Check out my work!

  • Studio pictures
  • Complete brochures
  • Lifestyle pictures


Brand content
Food on a plate

Indoor skydiving

Indoor skydiving offers limitless options for creativity. There are so many things no-one has done, let’s make some history, shall we!

I’ve photographed and filmed individual athletes, teams and events from small invitationals to World Cup. I know how to make flyers and tunnels look good - check out my work!

  • Individual athletes and teams

  • First timers and other regular customers

  • Events, tunnel openings etc.

  • Commercials

Indoor skydiving First timer
Indoor skydiving
Two men flying in suit

People and portraits

I make people happy and it shows in my pictures. Not everyone is comfortable in front of camera, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to have great pictures of them. In studio, outdoors, indoors, at the office, while working – portrait don’t have to be boring. Let’s have some fun and make awesome pictures while doing so. Check out my work!

People look best in their familiar environment. I come to you or to your staff. 

  • Company portraits
  • Team or athlete introduction
  • Commercials

Some of my happy clients 


Lauri Aapro

Lauri Aapro
+358 41 432 7942

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