boat on icy water

Adventures and landscapes

I'm from Finland, I know snow.

I’m not afraid of hights, frost or heat. Why not to enjoy of beautiful diversity of this planet!

I chill at the mountain tops for fun.

  • Commercials and promotion (clothes, equipment, you name it)
  • Tourism advertisement
  • Landscape pictures and videos
  • Events
  • All kind of sports


Skydiving without parachute // Antti Pendikainen

I was honored to be involded this self-funded project by Antti Pendikainen. We spend one year of planning and training for this project. I was operating the still photography camera and also the 2nd catcher. I also filmed and edited the project.

Cather: Matti Miilumäki

Camera: Mauri Väistö, Matti Miilumäki, Visa Parviainen and Marek Skowron


Photos of cycle adventures around the Lake Saimaa.

Client: GoSaimaa


GoSaimaa // Lake Saimaa Gravel biking

I had a vision and mission to make the nature as a main character for this project, less faces more nature.

This project invovled taking photographs and video at the same times.

Client: GoSaimaa

Riders: Minttu Hukka & Jonne Mustonen

Red Bull // Synchronized // Behind the scenes

This was a project for Red Bull. My job was to film and follow two indoor skydiving athletes. Project was filmed at UAE world’s biggest wind tunnel CLYMB Abu Dhabi (32 feet). 

Flying and choreography by Kyra Poh and Maja Kuczynska

Filmed&edit by Lauri Aapro

Assistants Christpher Patz and Carolyn Teo

Client Red Bull Music Red Bull Music - Invincible

And some random shots


Lauri Aapro

Lauri Aapro
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